7 Tips for Home Embroiderers

  • When you find a new digitizer take the opportunity of their free designs. These sample designs should be the best work of any digitizer as they are there for you to evaluate their work.
  • If sewing on a knit or fleece, and a thin or sheer cutaway stabilizer is not quite enough for a stitch intensive design, add another layer of tear away. The excess tear-away can be torn away after the design is done. This leaves less overall bulk around the design and gives the stitches a good hold.
  • It is important to put a water soluble plastic topping on fleece, toweling and wool, as the pile will allow the stitches to sink in, causing the design details to get lost. Hooping the plastic with the article will also stabilize the stitching especially if you are using tear away stabilizer under towels or fleece Appliques also work great.
  • If you use spray adhesive for the cutaway backing, then try a titanium needle as the residue from the adhesive will not build up as easily on it. Or take a little hair silicone and wipe down on the needles each day.
  • Try using designs in different ways to create a distinctive look. There are no rules for placement of designs, so try placing designs on hemlines, over seams, on shoulders, sleeves etc.
  • Use a clean pastry brush to clean out the lint from your bobbin case. Then clean your needle plate, needle, and bobbin case with an earbud and a drop of rubbing alcohol. This will remove all the grease and grime that builds up.
  • When removing the hoop to trim the applique fabric, keep the hoop on a flat surface so the fabric will not get distorted and cause a bad stitch out.


S = 32/84/8
M = 34/87/10
L = 36/92/12
XL = 38/97/14
2XL = 40/102/16
3XL = 42/107/18
4XL = 44/112/20
5XL = 46/117/22


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